Allan Beals-Gibson

A light hearted and versatile full-stack developer.

what i do

I design and develop light, responsive, and intuitive applications.


I work with you to create unique ideas that fit you and your clientele. I believe that the best products are developed when working together throughout the entire project.


Keeping user experience and interface in mind, I design wireframes that evolve into beautiful, simple, and intuitive applications.


Whether it be from scratch or a pre-existing framework/ library, I develop light and responsive full-stack applications using HTML(5), CSS(3) and JavaScript.

What I've Done

Task Manager

An application that helps manage daily tasks while taking into consideration traffic conditions to ensure that you'll be done at the right time even after sitting in gridlock.


Strkr, an application that assists with remembering and tracking shows you've watched, and which shows you want to watch.


An application based in Ruby. Social connects you with your friends and allows you to communicate with one another.


A tracker for finding and sharing byte-sized monsters located in your area.

Flight Defense

Top-down game for up to four players. Keep track of your ship within an increasing number of enemy planes.